Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

Garage door opener is an extremely important part of the garage door because it ensures smooth and easy opening and closing of the garage door. However just like any other mechanical item out there, the garage door opener is bound to fail especially where regular maintenance is not done. It is therefore recommended that you engage the services of a garage door expert to carry out regular maintenance and servicing on your door. Here are some common garage door opener problems that might occur and how you can fix them. If you are not a DIY enthusiast then you can always call on the experts for professional garage door opener repairs.

Common garage door opener problems

The garage door motor won’t stop running- Typically the motor should stop running once the door has been opened or closed. However, sometimes you might open the door or close it completely but you find that the motor doesn’t stop running. This is a common garage opener problem and one that is especially common in newly installed garage door openers. After new garage door opener installation, the limit switch should be adjusted to the level of your door so that the motor stops when the door has reached the top. This is the remedy to be given even when the door is not newly installed.

Garage door doesn’t respond to the openers- the garage door opener needs power to operate the door. If the power has been disrupted in any way the garage door operation is interrupted. Ensure that the garage door opener gets the power required. Also, check whether the remote batteries are dead and replace them. You may also need to check the circuit breaker or the fuse to ensure that there is power reaching the mechanism as required.

Garage door doesn’t open or close all the way- when this happens, the garage door opener might not be able to operate fully due to some issues. First it could be because the garage door sensors are misaligned. It could also be because of problems with the rollers or the switch. Ensure these are all looked at and that the opener is also operational.